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Tampa Carpet FlooringWhy use carpet in your home?

Carpet certainly has been the choice of many homeowners for many years. .In fact, until this day it still is one of the most widely used floor covering options in the industry.

Not only is carpet flooring affordable and easier to install, it is easier to replace than floor coverings and offers a large selection of fashion options in colors and textures.

To add to this, carpet offers a warmth, softness, and quieter flooring experience compared to hardwood or tile. This is why it is a preferred flooring option among apartment and condo owners. As your Tampa carpet installation service, we recommend carpet if you want a soft and quiet flooring option.

Why buy Carpet from Tampa Flooring Gallery?

Tampa Flooring Gallery has been servicing the flooring installation needs of Tampa homeowners since 1998. Today, Tampa Flooring  Gallery is one of the most respected carpet installation companies in the Tampa Area, headquartered in Tampa, Florida.

From our professionally trained and knowledgeable sales staff to our skilled installation team, we are dedicated to producing quality installation in a mess-free way that ensures optimum appearance and your complete satisfaction.

Now, let’s get to know the top three most common carpet options!

Frieze Carpet

Frieze CarpetFrieze is a style of carpet that has a knobby appearance or what some people call a “short shag”. Its appearance is unique, simple, and very clean. Read More

Most commonly, they are multicolored/flecked, but can also be a solid color. The biggest benefit for this carpet flooring option is the fact that it is more durable than other carpet styles due to its tight knits.

Saxony Carpet

Saxony CarpetIf you are considering this particular carpet, there are a couple things to know. Saxony carpet is actually one of the most common carpet options in the industryRead More

due to the variety of choices. The variety is not only in height and thickness, but also in the fiber quality.

In fact, Saxony carpeting comes in a variety of fibers. For example, nylon, polyester, and wool are a few of the available options. At Tampa Flooring Gallery we can show you the wide variety of available options so you can better get to know this particular carpet style.

With this, Saxony actually comes with textures or straight patterns, with both having a different 3D affect on the carpet when you step on it and vacuum. For example purposes, will show footprints and markings much easier compared to other Saxony carpets.

Textured & Patterned

Textured & PatternedAre you wanting a modern or artistic carpet appearance in your home? How about patterned or textured carpeting? With our carpet installation service you can select Read More

from different geometric patterns, organic patterns, or large and small textures as well. This particular design has become a common 21st century design that is making it into many different homes, condos, and apartment communities.

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If you are looking for an expert Tampa carpet installation company, Tampa Flooring Gallery is here for you.

If you are unsure of what you want or have questions, we are eager to guide you through the process.

Don’t take just us word for is, our clients have proclaimed Tampa Flooring Gallery as the best in the region and we want to share with you what makes our process unique.

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