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As your Tampa flooring experts, we are eager to share three of the most common hardwood flooring designs. First, let’s explain a bit of how hardwood works and how you can get the most value from your hardwood flooring.

Wood from certain trees is referred to by the general term, “hardwood.” The trees have broad leaves and are categorized as angiosperms. Angiosperms protect ovules in their ovaries that turn to seeds when they are fertilized. The arrangement of delicate veins in the leaves of hardwood trees is a distinguishing factor.

Hardwood can be identified by visible vessels or pores. The pores vary in structure, shape, and size. Typical well-known hardwood in the United States and Canada include Willow, Sycamore, Popular, Oak, Maple, Hickory, Elm, Black Walnut, Birch, Beech, and Ash.

Hardwood is widely used as a flooring material due to the easy to clean qualities and overall luxurious appeal. For hundreds of years, hardwood has been a traditional flooring choice and we are eager to share the three most common hardwood flooring options with you. Lets see what your hardwood flooring Tampa company can do for you!

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered Hardwood FlooringQuality solid hardwood flooring has become one of the most desired flooring options in the world. As your hardwood flooring Tampa experts, we are eager to share our knowledge of hardwood flooring. The drawbacks of solid hardwood have been overcome by masterfully engineered hardwood flooring using state of the art equipment. Read More

Engineered hardwood flooring consists of hardwood veneer layers that are bonded by pressure. The grain of adjacent veneer layers are perpendicular to each other and the contraction, expansion, and distortion are prevented by the cross-grain layer construction. The engineered hardwood end product is then designed to create boards that range in thickness. The thickness can range from ⅜ in. to 3/16 in.

Floating Hardwood Flooring

Floating Hardwood FlooringAnother common hardwood flooring option is the floating hardwood design. This is actually one of the most common DIY projects. However, with your local Tampa flooring company, you can expect installation from certified and highly trained professionals. The reason this is such a common practice is because it has no glue-down, stapling or nailing.Read More

Essentially, the boards attach to each other instead of to the subfloor. The installation method delivers a tight fit, seamless appearance that “floats” over the subfloor. We do recommend this process for individuals that prefer a seamless and DIY experience because you do not risk damaging the subfloor or the hardwood itself compared to traditional flooring installation techniques.

Solid Hardwood Flooring

Solid Hardwood FlooringSolid hardwood flooring is known as the most traditional flooring option alongside being one of the most common and also most luxurious. The reason for this is because solid hardwood has an organic essence to it that creates a traditional and quality appeal. More so, there are numerous advantages to solid hardwood flooring.Read More

Solid hardwood can actually be sanded and refinished and the color can be changed. Which is great for individuals that plan on living in the same home for numerous years. Solid hardwood can also be easier to repair than engineered versions. However, engineered hardwood can be used below ground.

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