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Have you been considering vinyl flooring? If you are seeking a Tampa vinyl flooring company that is dedicated in providing value and quality installation, we are the company for you. 

Vinyl flooring has long been known as the preferred option for individuals that want the appearance and benefits of hardwood, without the thickness or the cost. Vinyl flooring is in fact much thinner, and often times, a bit easier to install than hardwood flooring. The easy installation method is due to the fact that it comes in a peel-and-stick design.

The key component is to ensure that the subfloor is prepped, smoothed, and clean enough to ensure proper sticking! Now, what are the benefits of vinyl flooring? Well, other than the fact that it comes in a large variety of options, it is easy to clean and incredibly durable. In fact vinyl flooring can last ten to fifteen years if taken care of correctly.

Let’s discuss the different types of vinyl flooring that you can expect from Tampa Flooring Gallery.

Coretec Waterproof Flooring

Coretec Waterproof FlooringThe rigid core platform, which is made from recycled wood, bamboo dust, limestone, and virgin PVC, provides a 100% Read More

waterproof floor that can be installed in areas that will encounter more wet traffic and not be damaged by humidity or moisture. COREtec Plus XL Enhanced is inert and stable; it will not expand nor contract under normal conditions thus eliminating any acclimation period prior to installation.This is a useful flooring option for individuals that live near the water or expect a lot of foot traffic coming in from the pool or the beach. Overall, it is an excellent choice for individuals that want long-term wear and tear durability.

Courtier Premium Vinyl Plank Flooring Collection

Courtier Premium Vinyl Plank FlooringCourtier Premium Vinyl Plank Flooring was designed to mimic contemporary hardwoodRead More

flooring alongside naturally reclaimed hardwood. The innovative process provides the most natural weathered sawn-cut wood visuals and textures – you won’t believe it isn’t real wood due to the depth of color and quality. With that, it maintains the same durable qualities as other vinyls. In fact, it is completely waterproof as well, easy to clean, and maintains a high quality appearance for years to come.

Dalcuore Luxury Vinyl Floors

Dalcuore Luxury Vinyl FloorsAre you seeking the qualities of vinyl flooring but with sound control benefits as well? Well, this is where Dalcuore Luxury Vinyl Floors comes into play. Read More

With this type of vinyl flooring option, you can expect Sound Control Underlay properties, which creates a more sound-proof ambiance. This is a great option for individuals that have a second floor home or for apartment communities or condos.To add to this, this specific flooring option is child and dog-proof, with a high quality resistant finish to spills, water, and foot traffic. This also offers an easy installation and easy to clean design.

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Vinyl flooring is worth consideration if you are looking for an affordable alternative to tile and wood, but with the benefits of durability and stylish appeal. Vinyl, in fact, comes with a large selection of available colors and grains, making it a quality product to include in any kitchen, bathroom, and even living room. Contact Tampa Flooring Gallery today and book your free estimate appointment.

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