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Are you considering tile flooring for your home? Did you know that tile flooring is among one of the most used flooring options in the world? The reason being is that it comes in a large variety of options, it’s highly appealing, incredibly easy to clean, and of course, durable.

With that in mind, Tampa Flooring Gallery is dedicated to bringing you expert installation when it comes to tile flooring. First, tile flooring is in fact very delicate because a small crack can affect the whole piece. However, we pride ourselves on our delicate measures and techniques, which ensure that every tile is placed carefully.

Most importantly, we do this completely dust-free. Yes, we have a dust removal service that ensures the air quality in your home is not affected when removing the tile. After everything is clean, sanded, and ready to be installed, we get to work putting in your beautiful quality tile, selected by you!

Here are the various tile options we offer here at your local tile flooring Tampa store.

Wood Plank Tile

Wood Plank TileAt times there comes a trend that makes us incredibly proud to be your Tampa flooring company! Do you remember when pastel colored carpets Read More

were a huge trend? Everyone had olive green and pink shaggy carpets.Well, now there is a more modern trend that has been making headway into people’s homes. If you want a quality wood-style appearance with the antimicrobial benefits of tile, this is the flooring option for you.With wood plank tile, you receive the aesthetics and even the textures of wood, but with the benefits and moisture-resistant qualities of tile, which is highly beneficial if you live in Tampa or in Florida.With that, there are subtle textures and diverse patterns that make Wood Plank Tile one of the most modern and aesthetically appealing flooring options for both commercial spaces and homes. Whether you want it in your laundry room, kitchen, or bathroom, we can help you find the right style and design for your home.

Stone & Marble Looking Porcelain Tile

Stone & Marble Looking Porcelain TilePorcelain tile has long been known as a preferred option for many commercial businesses and residential homes. Due to the Read More

resistant qualities it has towards fading, dents, water, and pet traffic, it is a beneficial and pleasing addition to any home. With that, Stone and Marble tile designs have elevated the tile flooring industry and your home towards a more decorative and stylish appeal.If your home has a lot of foot traffic, pet traffic, or you live where your flooring may encounter a lot of snow or moisture, this is an excellent choice. Alongside this, there is something captivating and mesmerizing about the quality and appeal of marble and stone, bringing the earthy elements inside our homes and below our feet. If you are considering stone and marble, get to know your local Tampa tile flooring company today.

Decorative Tile and Back Splash

Decorative Tile and Back SplashAre you desiring a more eclectic feel for the inside of your home? Well, if you love the beauty of back splash and decorative wall tile, such as Read More

Spanish or Italian tile, we can bring that into your flooring as well. This is quite simple, they have the same material elements, composition, and benefits as porcelain tile, but they are designed to be aesthetically more appealing.

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Whether you are seeking traditional tile and marble flooring, or you want to know more about the most modern option, wood plank tile flooring, we want to guide you through the process. Tampa Flooring Company is dedicated to providing the Tampa community the best flooring options that exceed all expectations. Book a free estimate with us today!

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